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Set Cuidado de nuestra Florecita / Care Set for our Little Flower

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Toda mujer que se preocupa por su salud íntima, debe tener estos productos con ella siempre. Es bien importante cuidar de nuestra flora vaginal y usar productos que nos ayuden a evitar infecciones, olores a pescado y flujos irregulares. 

• Shower gel pH balanceado

• Lubricante a base de agua pH balanceado

• Toallitas íntimas pH balanceado

* ( Para las toallitas, si tiene alguna ETS, eres alérgica a la aspirina, estás embarazada o lactas, no es recomendable usarla. De lo contrario, sí. )


Every woman who cares about her intimate health should have these products with her at all times. It is very important to take care of our vaginal flora and use products that help us avoid infections, fishy odors and irregular flows.

- pH Balanced Shower Gel

- pH-balanced water-based lubricant

- pH balanced intimate wipes

* ( For the wipes, if you have an STD, are allergic to aspirin, pregnant or breastfeeding, it is not recommended to use it. Otherwise, yes. )